As we resume our Club activities as normally as possible after the Summer holiday, we are embracing what the press like to define as “the new normality” that COVID has brought to us.
In order to organise major events like the Party at Lido di Lugano or the Brunch, or even our regular Monthly Meeting safely and smoothly, we ask for your help. This is what is required from you:
1. Enrol as requested for any event. Please don’t show up at the door on the day, as we may not be allowed to let you join.

2. Ensure that your contact details are correct on our website and in our Directory for contact tracing purposes. If you have only recently changed address or phone number please contact Jonsi at: iwclmembershipsecretary@gmail.com

3. If you join an event with a guest, please send the organiser full contact details of your guest: NAME, SURNAME, ADDRESS AND PHONE NUMBER

4. Deadlines and cancellation policies are even more important in this new normality, so please respect them.

5. Wear a mask and respect the social distancing policy.

You’ll be checked in at every event and meeting and you’ll be asked to sign next to your name, stating that you understand the current regulations regarding Coronavirus (please refer to the Federal Office of Public Health New coronavirus: Measures and ordinances ); to certify that you take full responsibility for taking part in events organised by the International Women’s Club of Lugano (IWCL) and that you discharge both IWCL and the location hosting the event of any responsibility regarding your own health.

“New coronavirus: Measures and ordinances – Federal Office of Public Health FOPH

We are confident you appreciate all the effort the IWCL Board and volunteers undertake in organising events and meetings and we are grateful for your collaboration. We look forward to many Club activities together as we move forward.
The Board